I have pictures of this trip, as you can see from above. I bought one of those disposable panoramic cameras, and used it as my camera for everything. I had some really neat pictures on that camera, only a few of which came out because I had in in my fanny pack when I was on a run down in the Grand Canyon, and I tripped and fell trying to keep up with my running partner, and smashed the camera, exposing a majority of the film. Only a few pictures came out, none of the pictures of people, which was very distressing, to say the least.

As you may have guessed, this was one of the trips I took with my Cross Country team, as a training trip. Technically, it was a camping trip, and we slept in tents and cooked on portable stoves and had cleaning duty and all sorts of things that were supposed to bring us closer together as a team.

This trip was during the summer before my Senior year of high school, and coincidentally, our family had planned a trip for me to look at colleges. (UC Berkeley, UC Davis, University of the Pacific and UC Santa Cruz) We also worked in a Bat Mitzvah of a family friend's daughter we have up there, and to make a long story short, I couldn't make it back to Brea in time (4:00am) to leave for the Cross Country Camp. So we met them in Barstow at the World Famous McDonalds, and I took all my camping stuff with me to Northern California. So I not only had to adjust from hotels to sleeping bags, but I also didn't sleep in my own bed for two weeks.

This is Oak Creek Canyon, one of the many natural rock formations we saw. The river has actually carved a natural waterslide into the rocks along this stretch of the river. (This is a postcard I bought) We travelled around the Southwest, camping and running in National Parks, and visiting National Monuments. We saw the Grand Canyon, and we actually were planning to run all the way to the bottom and back up the other side, except we didn't have anyone to drive both vans the 220 mile drive around the canyon to the other side.

On the whole, this trip taught me more about people than it did about running. Some of the members of my team were quite some characters, and being in close proximity to them for an extended period of time gave me some insight to the human character.

Random fact: Rock formations on the top of ridges that stick up like fingers are callled "hoodoos."

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