E3 Days Two and Three (May 13-14, 2004)

One of the tables at the Magic Invitational

Generic hallway shot.

Old Street Fighter stand-ups.

I forget the name of the game, but it was fun.


Dom does Sega Eye Toy.



E.T. for Atari. It was as bad as they said.

Housewarming at Mitch and Steph's (May 21, 2004)

Eileen intently watches the new... SakuTai(?) game.


Folks watch baseball in the other room.

Lots of manga in the other room.



Fanime Con (May 27-30, 2004)

Generic hallway shot.

Tormentors of Dom.

Traditional karaoke contest crowd shot.

Mara works the signup desk.

Very large a capella group sang while the server rebooted.

It's not a turd, it's a stone snake.

Giant Ohmu!

Care and feeding of the giant ohmu.

That Dom guy is everywhere.

Chi chi chi chi oppai, boing boing! (boing boing!)

Another con, another web comics panel.

Guest appearance by Chico.

This speaks for itself.


I don't know, I didn't take this one.

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