Randomosity from L.A. (June 2, 2003)

The ducks that did the flamingo one-leg thing.


Janey's license plate. "di3 di3 di3"!

Fanime Con 2003 (June 20-22, 2003)

Wynne is giving me a "look".

Yes, security had to put a pull-tie on the giant foam hammer to deem it safe.

The crowd at the karaoke contest.

The typical reaction that Rob gets when telling jokes.

Ramen and Rice.

Rannie is so happy!

Young and Natsuki, Dom, Greg and Liz and E's hand at the web comics panel.

Ed shows up, and Dom greets him in the proper fashion: by tackling him.

Greg and mini-Greg.

The gang ghosting in the lobby, stealing wireless bandwidth from the internet room upstairs.

Lynda, Wynne and Judy.

Does Taka take that ukelele with him wherever he goes?

Dom working at karaoke.

Brian and mini-Brian...

...and again, message board style.

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