Why my nickname's "Hamster"

Yeah, my nickname's Hamster, so what? Yeah, I go by it on IRC, (Well, actually I use Hamusutaa now.) whenever I can. Oh, you want to know why a guy like me would choose Hamster as his nickname? Well It's simple, really.
Well, my full name is Andrew Michael Scheffler. That means my initals are AMS. In a brief period of ingenuity, (I think I hadn't slept in a couple of days) I realized that the word "hamster" had my initials in it, so I decided that if I ever needed a nickname it would be HAMSter. Some years later I needed a handle for calling into BBSes, so I remembered (surprisingly) the name. I hope you're satisfied.

But why did I switch to Hamusutaa?

This is the story of the amazing werehamster. This movie shows what happens to me every time there is a full moon out!
Video for Windows (180 Kb)
Macintosh Quicktime (160 Kb)

I also go by the names Hamusutaa, Spanky, Freejack, Proteus, and Demon Hamster.
Your mother was a hamster! .au format 112Kbytes.

I'd like to point out that these pictures are of Fluff Hamster, who according to my knowledge has become somewhat of a celebrity in the hamster community. Fluff's proud owner Jonathan Gwyer has pointed out that I have forgotten to mention this. For this I am truly sorry, and for those of you who really thought that those were pictures of me, I'm sorry to burst your bubble.

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