Chico and Dana set up.

Before the mob trickled in.

Judy recieves a "gift" from Mara, but hasn't earned it yet.

Mara explains how to "earn" the gift.

Judy tries to earn it.

Mara instructs Chico and Judy.

People start showing up.

Holy honeydew, Batman!

Carolyn behind liqour.

Dana takes Robo-Alicia on a tour of the house.

Rannie, Peter, Pomru and Evan.

Mara gives me a look shortly before stabbing me with a fork.


Heh heh heh.

Hong teaches Judy how to salsa dance.

Within five seconds of setting foot inside the house, Hiroki has a drink in his hands.

Count the Powerbooks!

Once again, Mario Party.

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