Surprisingly, I'm putting most of this roll online - some of it against my better judgement - but, hey, why not!

The picture to the left I would have liked to come out a lot better than it did. When I pushed the trigger, all four of the baby racoons were peeking out of the storm drain. Unfortunately for me, my camera takes about two seconds to focus and position the film or something, so I missed it. This effect is noticable in a couple of the other pictures, such as Kyou's Angels, where Nicole had already started to put her hands down.

Yahoo! Company Picnic (August 15, 1999)

Eric Vadon climbs one of those portable fake rock climbing things. (Yes, I did do it myself too.)


Gary Simms, who wore a suit into the dunk tank because he promised to do so if he were bid on for more than $100. Before and after.

The embodiment of the American Dream: Your boss in a dunk tank. The embodiment of my luck: missing it.

My Trip To Monterey (August 28, 1999)

Oh no, he sees me! Run away! Run away! You know, these would be cool shots if it weren't for A) The big window in the background indicating that this shot was taken indoors and B) The fact that it's pretty much the same as every other tourists'.

This shot took me at least ten minutes of waiting around for the otter to finally surface right in front of me. Thankfully, it stayed on the surface long enough to not be affected by The Dreaded Two Second Delay.

I suppose they want you to go the long way around or something. I don't know why this amused me, it just did.

Dinner at Rocco's Seafood Grill in San Francisco (August 29, 1999)

For some reason I felt the need... take multiple pictures of Eileen...

...and Dana. (Well, Eileen hijacked my camera for this one.)

I can't remember, but I think Hong's singing into the fork...


Hong and Chico together... just "Be friends!"

AX Exhibit Hall Division Meeting (September 19, 1999)

The view...

...out the window...

... of The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

This dumb bird kept sticking its head in the drain on the patio.

Joe, Nicole, Monica, Rannie, Nati, and the back of Pomru's head.

What happens when you get so many people from #anime! in one room? They IRC on the overhead projector!

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