We all have songs that we like. Some more than others. But there are songs that stand out, your favorite songs. These are songs that whenever you're scanning the radio and you hear one, you stop immediately. You usually own the album they're on, if not, you own a tape with a copy from some friend who does. Sometimes, you'll put in the album, listen to that one song, then turn off the cd player. It goes without saying that you know most of the words to these songs. These are your favorite songs.

And these are my favorite songs. Well, I've got a few new ones now, and maybe I'll actually update this someday, but these are truly classics.

  Title (Link to Lyrics) Artist (Link to Artist Page) Sound Sample*
#1 Africa Toto
#2 The Way It Is Bruce Hornsby and the Range
#3 Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Eurythmics .wav format (local)
#4 The Logical Song Supertramp
#5 Take On Me A-Ha .mod format (local)
#6 You Can Call Me Al Paul Simon
#7 Try to Believe Oingo Boingo
#8 Right Now Van Halen
#9 Orinoco Flow Enya
#10 No More I Love You's Annie Lennox .wav format (local)

Sound Sample Footnote: I have tried to find a sample of many of these songs, some of them are sampled in their entirety, therefore I have only provided a link to a remote site, like ftp.luth.se, which is most often busy. Others, such as .midi and .mod are smaller in size, but require a special player. And some others are not the entire song, just a bit of it. (I don't have infinite disk space, you know!)

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