December 4, 2006: What's this? An update? Changed webhosting. Now on (where has lived for a while serving all my images, now the html is here as well). Once again I had to fix the arcadia map and the neon counter to make them work. Updated the counter to PHP, but the map is still ages-old perl code.

July 10, 2003: Yes, I've been adding new albums, yadda yadda yadda.

January 27, 2003: Three more albums, one in 2002, and two in the new 2003 page.

August 1, 2002: I changed the menu at the top of each page to actually reflect the more interesting parts of my webpage.

July 9, 2002: Added Anime Expo album to 2002's photos.

May 7, 2002: Three more albums in 2002's photos.

February 25, 2002: I got caught up on photos from 2002. I started using iPhoto to help with the thumbnailing and scaling, so they should be a lot easier from now on.

October 26, 2001: Even though it may seem that I'm behind on pictures, I'm not really that behind, because I haven't taken many new pictures. On the other hand, I've updated the webcam page to reflect that I now have a webcam at work.

July 23, 2001: I finally caught up on pictures. I added a whole bunch of albums to this year's photos page, and in addition, slipped on into last year's as well (it's the random shots of my room, in August).

May 14, 2001: I went to Anime Central and a Bat Mitzvah in Chicago. Here is Page One and Page Two. I technically skipped a bunch of pictures I took in order to get these up quickly, so expect a photo album to appear before these chronologically soon.

April 3, 2001: More Photos in this year's page.

March 25, 2001: Yay. Webcam. But I'm usually not at my desk, only weekends and evenings, and then only part of the time. But if my computer's on, you'll get a live picture of my chair, at least.

February 27, 2001: I started a LiveJournal, which I haven't bothered to integrated into my webpage because that would involve having to pay for it. We'll see how much I end up using it. Oh, and the "friends" I have are a _very_ small subset... in fact just the people who got me hooked on LJ in the first place, no one else I know uses it.

February 20, 2001: Got through a backlog of photos, added one roll in 2000 (it's hiding before the Indiana rolls) and one in 2001.

December 26, 2000: Just got back from Indiana, added some pictures in This year's photos.

September 5, 2000: A couple of new albums in This year's photos.

August 21, 2000: I have purchased a digital camera, and now will be getting photos up more easily. No more 6 hour scanning sessions. (Except maybe one more to get the 1998 pictures out of the way.) I also wrote a script to make the creation of the photos pages easier, and separated the Photos Page out by year.

July 18, 2000: I am now officially caught up on scanning pictures. Well, that is, all the new pictures are scanned. Five new galleries on the Photos Page. I still haven't gotten around to scanning the old pictures yet. That's a project for another day. After 5 hours of scanning, and almost that much again laying out and typing descriptions, that new Canon Digital Elph is looking mighty nice right about now.

June 20, 2000: Now that my DSL is finally working, and working on this page is actually worth my while, I have picked it back up again. First order of business: removing my Hamster Web Ring link. I was site #1... but because my DSL was down so much, I got removed... oh well.

March 15, 2000: First entry of 2000! Nothing new! Just typing something to say nothing! I've still got a bunch of photos to scan, but I'm holding off until I buy my own scanner. Thinking of killing the "Interests" page and replacing it with something more useful. But all of these things require free time...

December 20, 1999: I have added a How to solve Lights Out Puzzles page to my Lights Out page.

October 14, 1999: Replaced the old graphic hit counter with one of my own design that matches the look and feel of the front page. Yay.

October 13, 1999: This shouldn't affect anything, but my pages are now being served from a different server: my Linux machine at home over DSL. Let me know if anything broke in the transition.

September 27, 1999: The mystery page been revealed! It is the Photos page which collects the links of all of the photo albums. Speaking of photo albums there's a New album of random stuff.


September 27, 1999: In what could be considered the first "real" HTML update in eight months, I modified the front page. First of all, I took off the Work page, because I realized I can't really put anything on there. Secondly, I actually put content on the Interests page, but for now it's just a list of what will eventually be links. So it wasn't a big change. Okay, so I also added some new Links.

August 2, 1999: The second roll of Anime Expo is finished.

July 28, 1999: The first roll of film from Anime Expo has been scanned and posted. Here are the picks of the roll.

July 8, 1999: I got a bad roll of film, I chose the best pictures, and made another photo album.

May 3, 1999: Ho hum. I've been meaning to make updates, I really have. And now, something that will eventually live in my "Creations" section; my very own WinAmp Skin!

Apr 2, 1999: Hoo boy, did I ever forget about this thing! And to top that off, my most recent change isn't even one of the ones I've been putting off. It's a Photo Album of one of the karaoke nights I went to.

Dec 30, 1998: In the process of converting all of my pages to the new format (I hope I didn't miss any) I also cleaned some of the four-year-old HTML code up a bit... no more dangling tags and such. I also lessened (by size and by bit depth) a lot of the graphics... no more 2 minute download times on some of the pages...

Dec 30, 1998: I finally figured out why my CGI's weren't working here. They're fixed now. Yay.

Dec 29, 1998: Well, here it is. The new look. True, there are some pages that have no content yet, but that's just because I accidentally overwrote somepages while experimenting and had to rush the new versions out. More to come shortly. And I mean that.

Dec 1, 1998: I suppose I should put something here to the effect that I haven't updated this site in a while. It's because I'm very busy at work... Holiday season and all and such. I'm gonna be redoing this whole thing RSN, I swear.

Aug 15, 1998: Yes, the most obvious change... the new domain! My own domain! I'm still in the process of getting more than just the index page to redirect. Also, that long-overdue makeover of my site will be coming soon. For those of you who like the blue on black color scheme... it may be going the way of the dodo. And the "My Classes" page will be replaced with something more... appropriate.

June 30, 1998: Well, the job hunt is over. I am currently employed at Yahoo! as a Promotional Production Yahoo. In a related note, I graduated.

March 15, 1998: I'm pretty much finished with the CGI Generated Arcadia Map I was working on.

March 12, 1998: I'm getting some more practice with CGI. Here's my first attempt that people can actually look at: My CGI Generated Arcadia Map.

February 19, 1998: Besides learning more and more about CGI and Perl (which isn't readily available to the public, because it doesn't do much yet... I finally got around to making my class schedule for this (my last) semester.

February 10, 1998: I've added a new "Hire Me!" button to my index, it leads to my vastly re-vamped resume page, with links to an up-to-date (gasp!) version of my resume. Yes, I'm getting ready to head off into the "real world."

February 10, 1998: Wow! My first working CGI! It's a text counter for my text index page. I think I may have just opened my own personal Pandora's box by learning Perl...

January 13, 1998: I uploaded these nifty new pages so that the world may see them. Unfortunately, the ZIP disk I transported them on from home to Berkeley underwent some weird, possibly airport induced, corruption, so the new pages needed to be edited for strange errors. As a result, some text may have random characters, or (unlikeley at this point) links may not work. Also, it provides a nice cop-out if some of my new stuff doesn't work. :) If you find any problems, please mail me.

January 8, 1998: Happy new year! You may have noticed a small change to my page. This Winter Break marks the time when I finally got around to learning JavaScript, forms, and frames. Because I have no use for forms, and frames disgust me, the main page is a JavaScript funfest, with OnMouseOver events galore. Don't worry, for those of you who don't have a JavaScript-capable browser, it should (!) work fine without. Otherwise, there is a text-only index with all of the links that the graphical one has. 

January 8, 1998: As a part of the redesign of my index page, some of the stuff that used to be in the index is now somewhere else. But, you already know that, because you're reading this in the new What's New page. In addition, there is a new My Pages page, to keep track of the different pages within my page.  Also, my Links page has been redone, with no obligatory graphics, and more links.  And the familiar "Other" at the bottom of each page now points to the new My Pages page. 

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